Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Job

Wow, it has been a turbulent month! I now live in Sunny San Diego, and am the new Business Development Manager of Machine Vision for Cyth Systems, an integrating partner for National Instruments and Edmund Optics. Posts soon on exciting vision applications we're working on, and some insight from a different point of view.

I was recently at the Vision Show in Phoenix. The show was a little slower than we had hoped (and by a little I mean a lot), yet the folks there seemed to have applications on hand and hopefully we see some responses out of the leads we collected. No really exciting new technologies, but I did get to bump into our friends at Vision System Design, so that was fun.

More coming soon!


B Grey said...

Good to hear from you again Matt. I thought you'd given up on blogging!

Does this mean there's an open position at NI for a Vision Product Manager?

Matt said...

Hey BGrey!

I'm still alive and kicking.... was just busy trying to sell a house and finding a place to stay here in beautiful San Diego. I believe they have a replacement for me already, so soon there will be articles coming out of NI from a new product manager for Vision.

Kyle said...

Though Slaughter is a tough engineer to replace, we recently hired Kamalina Srikant as the Vision Product Manager. She hails from Montreal (a vision-rich city in its own right) and is spending her days preparing for the launch of the new Embedded Vision System and NIWeek.